Picture in the office professional business insurance


Complementary business insurance : We insure your offices against fire, burglary, theft, etc. To cover your office hardware and other valuable goods, we also offer special insurance packages.

Statutory accident insurance : As an employer, you are legally obligated to insure your staff against accidents at work. This insurance guaranties a lifelong employment benefit in case of an accident or a single payment to the bereaved. In our experience, there are many subcategories available in this sector. The statutory accident insurance is complex field.

Accident insurance for the self-employed : As an employee, you are insured against accidents at work by your employer. When you are self-employed, you do not have this coverage, meaning that you have the responsibility of organising insurance yourself. We offer accident insurance for the self-employed which covers accidents in the private sector as well.

Collective insurance : Collective insurance is an excellent opportunity for employers in Belgium to provide their executives with interesting additional compensation. Collective insurance can potentially include supplemental cover illness and employability, as well as a competitive old-age pension, and can be provided for the entire company workforce. The affected pension payments remain property of the employee, ensuring that in case of bankruptcy, this money is assigned to the employee and is not lost.